DETROIT (AP) -- Drunken drivers sentenced to probation in one suburban Detroit court will carry a sobering message to other motorists the next time they take to the road.

Troy District Judge Michael Martone is ordering drunken drivers to attach bumper stickers to their cars that read: "Drunk Driving, you can't afford it.""Every time you get into your car, you see this bumper sticker," he said. "You're going to think, 'I better not do it again.' "

Martone says the stickers also will spread the don't-drink-and-drive message to others.

The stickers are royal blue with the "Drunk Driving" in bright red and the "you can't afford it" in white, Martone said. He had two batches printed -- one with tiny text saying the sticker is affixed pursuant to court order, and one with just the message.

The latter batch is for non-convicted drivers who want to display stickers on their cars.