Slick Willie's past political record substantiates the fact that he will resort to any means needed to attain his goals and divert bad publicity attention away from himself. He has surrounded himself with fanatical, dedicated people who will go to any length to hide the truth about him and maintain that his lies, illegal and immoral acts are not true, seek out and destroy the character and reputation of any who oppose him.

In August, just three days after admitting publicly that he had lied to everyone, including his wife, daughter and closest friends, he ordered the missile strike on Afghanistan and Sudan to divert attention. That cost taxpayers $74 million and many innocent people's lives. Barney Frank was the first of many to state that it was uncalled for and Clinton was trigger happy. Boy, what a waste of money and lives in an effort to get off the hot seat.That little act of self-preservation brings back the memory of what happened earlier in this century. During the time when mob rule was rampant in Chicago, the warring factions did anything and everything to destroy their enemies. In Chicago's notorious Valentine's Day Massacre, one group of mobsters surprised their opposition in a garage, lined them all up against the wall and cut them down with machine guns. Human life was wasted there to preserve one set of bosses.

Unscrupulous characters are holding the reins of government now, but some day there is going to be a big blowup and catastrophe. At my age, I'll probably be gone when it happens, but with the mood and morals of the majority of this nation, they are not getting the kind of government they should, but exactly the kind they deserve.

Elwin Allred