There comes a time when the people of a community must react out of conscience. It happens when their lords begin to believe that their subjects are really too peasant-like and too stupid to govern themselves.

Salt Lake County Commissioners Brent Overson, Mary Callaghan and whoever that other guy is have reached that state. Because they believe we are all too stupid to take care of ourselves, they have decided to spend $30,000 of your money (citizens of Salt Lake County) to stop the people of Morgan County from enjoying the privileges of the vote. They want to overturn our recent election. "We'll stop Morgan County," blusters the bellicose Overson.Commissioner Callaghan recently won a narrow re-election bid where she promised she would not raise taxes. Two weeks after the election she raised taxes.

If I lived in Salt Lake County, I would want to recall her for her lie. But I live in Morgan County, and I'm too much of a peasant to really know what is best for myself. Mary and Brent, however, will save me from myself, thank goodness.

Make no mistake, people of Salt Lake County. Mary's and Brent's actions are not aimed at Morgan County. They are aimed at your vote to change your form of county government. They want to return power to the party bosses right there in River City. At last, here in Morgan County, a poor man can run for office. At last we can easily recall people who do not represent us well, or who lie to us.

Recall Mary Callaghan, people of Salt Lake County. See if you can. You will see that she is there for four more years, whether she lies to you or not. Meanwhile, we in Morgan County will fix our problems. Don't worry so much about us. Somehow we'll muddle along.

Roger K. Petersen