I read an article in the Deseret News, "Jeepers! Kids carry beepers" (Nov. 30). It was very interesting that the staff writer mentions all about how educators worry about this menace, but not once does he mention that half the teachers and staff have beepers and such in the classroom. My children told me that even in the elementary school teachers have cell phones and beepers, and in the high school, teachers have light pens that distract the students.

Isn't this a case of, "Do as I say and not as I do"? Some teachers tell the students not to have candy, food, drinks and then pig out during the class on bags of popcorn in front of the students, drink their coffee, etc. At one school, teachers have a password they say if they want a certain teacher to go down and buy them a Zuka Juice, which they drink, or slurp, in front of the class. Some talk on the phone in class and tell the students that phones aren't allowed during school time. Right.We even have one teacher who tells the students they can't go to the restroom during the class time, then if they really need to go, takes two glasses and pours water back and forth in front of them. Education is a 50-50 experience, not "Do what you're told" and "I'll do whatever I want" type of schooling.

The next time you have the chance, observe both sides of the system, it may surprise you what really goes on.

Lee T. Romrell

South Jordan