In a recent editorial, Keith Kirkham stood up in defense of Karl Malone, saying among other things, "He is a model of the work ethic for our youth." I guess Mr. Kirkham must be afflicted with that spiritual disease so common in Utah, called idolatry. Idolatry makes men blind to the obvious truth. Malone is a child. He's never grown up. He's spoiled rotten. He isn't worth a pound of salt, except to the glazed eyes of his idolatrous following.

A model of the "work ethic"? Give me a break. Maybe if the man had learned how to work, he wouldn't be the spoiled brat that he is. Since when is playing sports considered part of the work force? Malone is the last man on Earth I would want my children to perceive as a "model." I would rather encourage them to do something worthwhile for a living, something that actually contributes to societal goodness.There is only one thing I disdain even more than Karl Malone, and that is the people, mostly my people, who set him up on such a pedestal, making him the god that he has become. It sickens me when I consider that LDS fathers actually speak of Malone in tones of respect, pointing to him in the presence of their little sons as a model of achievement. They would do better to set up the lowly ant as a model, who works for the good of all and does not seek to drain his fellows' resources for his own wealth and aggrandizement!

I don't mean specifically to pick on Karl Malone; I would say the same of all professional athletes and their idolatrous fans. Grow up.

Chuck Whicker