OGDEN -- An Ogden woman who joined in the search for a child she was eventually charged with kidnapping has been sentenced to up to five years prison.

Julie Price, 29, had been charged with first-degree felony kidnapping stemming from the disappearance of 11-year-old Ashley Creith on June 7, but the charge was reduced to a third-degree felony in a plea bargain.Price helped in the search for the child, driving as far as Farmington to post fliers on her disappearance, with the child accompanying her the entire time.

Police eventually found the girl had been staying with Price, about a block from the child's home.

A court-ordered evaluation found Price competent to stand trial but showed she suffered from "diminished capacity," resembling post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Price's kidnapping also violated her parole on a 1997 check-bouncing charge, meaning she will serve time on that charge as well. She was sentenced to up to five years for that crime.