Our free-spirited friend and family member, Rose Victoria Morrison Evans, of Holladay died Friday, Nov. 27, 1998 at the age of 38. A tragic ending to a difficult life filled with pain, hardship and loss.

She became a member of our family on Nov. 9, 1995, when she married our son/brother. Rosi was born Feb. 3, 1960 in Worcester, Massachusetts.She was preceded in death by her husband, Brent Evans in 1997 and by her father, Edward J. Morrison in 1985. She is survived by the following family members: Steven W. Evans, Judy Evans, Steve (Russ) Evans, Mike Evans, Brad Evans (Angie Richards), Teresa Farber (Scott Farber); four nieces and one nephew. Rosi was also dearly loved by her two best friends ever, Karen (Richard) Yocom and Gracie Silva. She is also survived by her daughter, Michelle, two grandchildren, Andrea and Kristin Baldwin; mother, two sisters, four brothers, paternal grandparents and her namesake, Aunt Rose (Cote) and uncle, Jim Cote.

Rosi lived life in the moment and cherished her babies, two cats and five ferrets. Her death has been a trying experience and heavy emotional burden on us, but one which we are nonetheless honored to carry. We miss you Rosi and offer this tribute as an expression of our love, regret and deep sadness for your unbearable pain through you short life, our great loss in your death and in an effort to fulfill your expressed desires. We hope you find peace and happiness in your new life "on the other side," as well as the justice and resolution which has eluded you in this world.

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