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Leaders should be moral

President Clinton has not yet been proven guilty, but if he is proven to be guilty of adulterous behavior, I certainly don't want him as president of the United States.

I was appalled to hear news analysts openly accept immoral behavior as unimpeachable. I don't believe that we can expect other behavior is going to have integrity if a man doesn't have loyalty to the woman with whom he has committed his life. If he would cheat on the person he presumably loves, why would he have the scruples to be honorable in other areas? Cheat in the dictionary is to defraud.Our pledge of allegiance states that we are a nation under God. We are a blessed nation and if we expect to remain so, adherance to Godlike behavior should be expected of the leaders of our nation. There must be a man out there who possesses all the character traits that the people of this nation deserve to have at its helm to represent this country with dignity and honor. It's time we, as a people, should expect moral behavior be included with other traits of integrity in our leaders.

Jeri E. Bondoc

Salt Lake City