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Caption only: The great race: Week of Jan. 30, 1998

Present value of $10,000 investment made January 8, 1998 minus fees and commissions. Rates reflect Wednesday close. Copyright 1998, The Meyers Report

The excited equines escaped with Elway - they all won and they're going to Disney World. Leading the pack to Orlando is Gold, who posted a $310 increase. OTC moved up to second in the waiting line with his $143 gain. The saver steeds rode their favorite, "It's a Small, Small World," and posted small but steady gains. EE Bonds, money Market and 90-Day chalked up $11, $10 and $8, respectively, but fell to third, fourth and fifth due to the furious pace of their competitors. Stuffing $100 in his saddlebag, 30-year T-Bond took a walk down Main Street buying sweatshirts and Mickey hats. Silver arrived early, stayed late and rode every ride to celebrate his $437 gain and his move up to seventh. Blue Chip got (sun)-burned a little, posting a $149 gain but falling to eighth. Lipper Mutual and his stablemate Lipper International took in Epcot Center. Lipper International made it a profitable trip, checking out the foreign displays to the tune of $163. Lipper Mutual didn't let his paltry $24 gain rain on his parade. Although he's in last place, he knows better times are ahead.