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Karate school owner can ban student with HIV, judge rules

A federal judge ruled that a karate school owner has the right to ban a 12-year-old boy with the AIDS virus from classes with other children.

U.S. District Judge Richard L. Williams ruled Thursday that Michael Montalvo's condition is covered under the Americans With Disabilities Act but said James P. Radcliffe II was not obligated to admit him to classes because it poses a risk to other children.Radcliffe, owner of U.S.A. Bushidokan karate center in Colonial Heights, removed Michael from a class in September when he learned the boy was HIV positive.

In his ruling, Williams addressed the difference between the physical style of karate taught at the school and less combative styles, said Radcliffe's lawyer, Nathaniel M. Collier III.

Radcliffe said he was not trying to discriminate against Michael, but wanted to protect the other students, who he feared could get infected if blood was drawn during sparring.