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Likable girl, 7, who loves dolls needs a family to love her

Katie, 7, born on July 13, 1990, is a little girl who loves her dolls, likes to play games and watch cartoons. She also likes going to church and Sunday School.

Katie plays well with other children, though she can play happily by herself and she's respectful of adults. She seems to be more a follower than a leader.Due to Katie's fetal alcohol syndrome, she is in a second-grade special education classroom. Like most other children with FAS, she has a short attention span and is easily distracted. Her IQ tests have been in the mildly retarded stage. She also has difficulty gaining weight, and her birth mother has a history of mental illness.

Despite her challenges, Katie is a likable girl who has been in the same foster home for the past four years. She is used to being with lots of other children, and her social worker feels she would adapt well to most any family that is prepared to parent a child with special needs.

Financial assistance for medical care, therapy and adoption is available.