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Jordan's Hussein complains to brother about illness

In an emotional letter to his brother and heir, King Hussein complained of being sick for months, suffering from fatigue, fever and weight loss.

Hussein, 62, revealed in the letter broadcast Saturday by state-run Jordan Television that he has been undergoing treatment in the United States and England.In his letter to Crown Prince Hassan, Hussein said a bacteria had attacked his lymphatic glands and "caused high fever every now and then, weight loss and fatigue."

"I hope I will be fully recovered," Hussein said. The king was on vacation Saturday in Ascot, England.

One of Hussein's private physicians, Dr. Yousef Qssous, said the monarch's condition was not serious and his fever has gone. Qssous told the Associated Press that the bacteria attacks lymphatic glands, causing a viral inflammation that normally takes a few months to disappear.

Qssous said the king's "condition had improved and he is now in fine shape."

Qssous, a surgeon, said the bacteria was discovered in October when physicians took samples of Hussein's lymphatic glands. The samples did not detect any malignancy, he said.

In 1992, the king underwent surgery to remove cancer from his ureter and left kidney. He has been undergoing checkups since the surgery, and doctors have said he is free of malignant growths.

In April, surgeons at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., removed a benign growth from Hussein's prostate.