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`Ouroboros' benefit Feb. 5, 6 in U. Lab

S. Glenn Brown's "Ouroboros," recently honored by the American College Theatre Festival and selected for regional competition, will have two fund-raising performances, Friday and Saturday, Feb. 5, 6, at 7:30 p.m. in the Lab Theatre of the University of Utah's Performing Arts Building (just west of the U. bookstore).

It's a play about one man's religious obsession and its destructive consequences. Directed by Linda L. Brown, the cast includes Alfred Lawrence Smith as the central characters, with Blake Adams, Darin Hathaway, Tracy Chase, Brent Podosek, Bryan James, Sarah E. Budge, Macey Mott and Amy Quinton sharing 20 other roles.Funds raised from the two performances will be used to enable the cast and crew to travel to the regional competition in California. A tax-deductible donation of $10, payable at the door, will include a reception (starting at 6:30 p.m.) and the performance. For advance reservations, call Eddie Coe of the U. of U. theater department at 581-3533.