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3 German officers, 1 Swiss die in separate border shootings

Hours after two German customs officials were shot and killed on the Polish border Tuesday, a man trying to crash into Germany from Switzerland opened fire, slaying a German customs officer and a Swiss colleague.

German Finance Minister Theo Waigel issued a statement after the first shooting, east of Dresden, calling it "the worst incident involving German customs officials in postwar Germany."While Germany and other Western European nations are moving toward open borders, Germany has tightened controls in recent months along its frontiers to guard against illegal immigrants.

On the Polish border, at Goerlitz, German officials said a Kazak man shot and killed two customs officers inspecting a tourist bus entering Germany.

The man grabbed one of the officers' pistols when they started to remove a grate from a ventilation duct in the back of the bus. Both customs officers were killed, and two travelers, from Kazakstan and Ukraine, were wounded, German authorities said.

The shooter tried to flee through a back window of the bus. He was arrested.

In the Swiss border incident, German officials said a man driving a car with Swiss plates crashed through the barricades at Konstanz, opening fire as he sped into Germany.

When other officials tried to stop the car, the driver turned the gun on himself.