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Novelist drops lawsuit against Spielberg studio

A novelist has dropped a $10 million lawsuit that claimed Steven Spielberg's Dreamworks SKG studio stole her ideas for the movie "Amistad."

In a statement released Monday in Los Angeles by the studio, Barbara Chase-Riboud said she and her lawyers reviewed DreamWorks' files and other documents but "concluded neither Steven Spielberg nor Dreamworks did anything improper.""I instructed my lawyers to conclude this matter in a timely and amicable fashion," Chase-Riboud said in the statement.

DreamWorks said it would have no further comment, including whether there was a monetary settlement. Neither Chase-Riboud nor her Los Angeles attorney returned telephone calls Monday.

In the suit, Chase-Riboud accused the makers of "Amistad" of illegally copying themes, dialogue, characters, relationships, plots, scenes and "fictional inventions" she created for "Echo of Lions," her 1989 book about an 1839 slave rebellion.

DreamWorks insisted "Amistad" is an original blend of history and a historical novel called "Black Mutiny," which the studio owns.


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