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NAIROBI - A young Kenyan was killed and partially eaten by two lions after he scaled the fence of their enclosure at a Nairobi wildlife orphanage, local newspapers reported.


TOKYO - The Tokyo High Court has ordered a Japanese hospital to pay damages to the family of a Jehovah's Witness who was given a blood transfusion against her wishes.

TOKYO - U.S. negotiators slammed Japan for a disappointing lack of initiatives on deregulation and market-opening after two days of talks in Tokyo. TOKYO - A Japanese court upheld the perjury and forgery convictions of a top figure in the doomsday cult blamed for the 1995 nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subway.


PARIS - Ethiopia's ambassador to France was turned away from one of the capital's best-known nightspots on the grounds that he was black, his embassy said.

PARIS - A French magistrate investigating the car crash that killed Princess Diana has questioned a man who says he was the first witness at the scene but that police thought his emergency call was a joke, legal sources said.


DUBLIN - One hundred skeletons from the medieval period have been found at a building site in central Dublin and are being examined to determine cause of death, an archeologist said.


KIGALI - Hutu rebels armed with farming tools hacked 58 people to death after sneaking into northwestern Rwanda, a government official said.


BUENOS AIRES - The widow of Oskar Schindler, the playboy German industrialist who rescued more than 1,000 Jews from the Nazi Holocaust, has been granted a pension by the Argentine government to save her from poverty.


BUDAPEST - Politicians will not be allowed to attend concerts featuring the Budapest Festival Orchestra as long as they refuse to increase its funding, the orchestra's conductor said.


LAGOS - Nigeria's military said a seven-man military tribunal would try 26 people arrested for plotting to over-throw Gen. Sani Abacha in December.


KISII - At least 354 people have died in two weeks in a highland malaria epidemic sweeping western Kenya's Nyanza province, doctors said.

Sierra Leone

FREETOWN - Shells landed in Freetown, killing civilians, and West African peacekeepers fought their way into the capital in a drive to oust Sierra Leone's military government.


KHAGRACHHARI - Tribal Shanti Bahini guerrillas fighting for autonomy in Bangladesh's Chittagong Hill Tracts formally surrendered, ending a 25-year insurgency that has claimed more than 8,500 lives.


BOGOTA - An earthquake shook Colombia's Cordillera Oriental Andean mountain chain but no injuries or serious damages were reported.

N. Ireland

BELFAST - A man was shot dead on the outskirts of Belfast in what was thought to be a sectarian attack, police said.


SIRNAK - Kurds in southeast Turkey cast a nervous eye towards neighboring Iraq in fear of cross-border fallout from any conflict between Baghdad and Washington.