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50 apply to be director of Utah State Fairpark

Fifty individuals have applied for the job as director of the Utah State Fairpark.

The Fairpark Board has set a deadline of 4 p.m. Friday for receiving applications for the position, which was vacated Jan. 13 when John Whittaker, director since July 1995, resigned.Whittaker cited differences with directions the fairpark board was taking and frustrations with a board member as among reasons for his decision to quit.

The board of the fairpark, a nonprofit public corporation, has advertised in Utah newspapers and in the Western Fairs Association to fill the director's post. The job will pay from $45,000 to $52,000, the advertisement states. The job is posted on the fairpark's Website address (

Donna Dahl, who was named interim director by the board following Whittaker's resignation, said Monday she has "been too busy to worry about whether she will apply for the job." She did not submit an application after former director Jackie Nokes, who preceded Whittaker, stepped down in October 1994.

Fairpark Board chairman Lynn Runolfson said recently that he hopes to have all applications assembled by the board's 10 a.m. meeting Tuesday, Feb. 17.

"I hope we can start to cut (applications) to a short list and then start interviewing. (Hopefully the job can be filled) in about two weeks. I just hope we can choose (a new director) quickly and get the fair on a good track and start moving," Runolfson said.