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Murray firm backs off bid on new Riverton Library

A Murray firm has withdrawn its bid for construction of the new Riverton Library, the manager for the library building project said Tuesday.

Nelson Trucking Inc., which was the apparent low bidder at $1,261,984 for the library, asked to have its bid removed, said Mark R. Nelson of Beneco Enterprises Inc., a construction management firm for Salt Lake County."We pointed out to them that they didn't have everything included in their bid, that they were missing several sections of work. And (the firm) asked to withdraw its bid," Nelson said.

He said Beneco is now reviewing the bids and should have a recommendation on a contractor to Salt Lake County officials by Monday or Tuesday.

The estimate of MHTN Architects, Salt Lake City, for the library project was $1,363,931, according to Toby Cordova, project architect.