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Kids are more likely to buckle seat belt if adults do, study says

Children riding with drivers who are not buckled up are far less likely to be wearing seat belts.

"The evidence is clear - to get children buckled up, we must get drivers buckled up," said Janet Dewey, executive director of the Air Bag Safety Campaign.Tuesday the campaign released recent seat-belt use studies from 10 states. State after state showed restraint use for young children above 80 percent when adults were buckled too. But when parents were not buckled up, restraint use for younger children ranged from 11 percent to 56 percent.

A recent national survey by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed when a driver was buckled up, restraint use for children ages 1 to 4 was 86 percent. But when the driver was unbuckled, that number plummeted to 23 percent.

About 68 percent of drivers are buckled nationally, the campaign said.

"Data show adults' behavior dictates safety behavior in cars. Parents must buckle up because children follow their example," said Transportation Secretary Rodney Slater.