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SUWA fails to tell full story

Recently the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA) has been challenging rural county commissioners concerning RS-2477 access to public lands. SUWA's challenge leads one to believe that a legitimate RS-2477 claim of access to public lands by rural counties must consist of a "road" sufficient for passenger car travel. This is classic of SUWA's half-truths. The truth is that access routes and granted rights of way can and do include livestock trails, two-track access routes and regularly maintained roads. Both Utah and federal law grant these assertion rights to the counties. The point being that the public, as well as those using public lands for livestock operations, mineral operations, oil and gas, recreation and numerous other legitimate activities, be guaranteed access to these lands.

It is so typical of SUWA not to mention these little details; just as they somehow fail to mention that many of the access routes that they rant and rave over as being impassable by automobile have had maintenance restrictions placed on them by the BLM since the Wilderness Study Act (WSA) was applied to these lands over 10 years ago.It is past time that we begin asking just who these SUWA people are and what is their real motive for wanting to restrict the public from public lands. They must be desperate in their endeavors, for they seem to be willing to go to any extreme to achieve their goal of a total lockup of public lands.

Perhaps it's that old game that if you scream "wolf, wolf" loud enough, people will continue to send in their money, thinking they are saving the world.

Roger F. Holland