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W.V. senator's 2 measures are linked to I-15 project

The I-15 reconstruction project has prompted a slew of legislation this session, including two bills being finalized by Sen. Eddie Mayne, D-West Valley City.

One would force health maintenance organizations and insurance companies to pay for certain services rendered outside of a patient's medical plan.Mayne's concern is that because of traffic congestion created by the I-15 reconstruction project, patients are not always able to reach their primary care hospital or physician in an emergency situation. But when they go to the most convenient facility, they must pay a larger share - if not all - of the bill.

SB195 would require insurance providers to treat all local hospitals as though they are a patient's primary facility, at least through the duration of the reconstruction project.

Another bill, SB61, would require that out-of-state construction contractors, including sand-and-gravel suppliers and haulers, be licensed in Utah.

Mayne wants to give the state some authority over out-of-state contractors, subcontractors and work crews employed on I-15 and other road construction projects.

"It's a consumer-protection bill," he said.