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Rape trial set March 12 for Guatemalan national

A 1st District Court trial has been scheduled March 12 for a Guatemalan national charged with raping a Wellsville woman.

Juan Carlos Guevara Erazo, 24, was arrested Dec. 2 in Logan after a yearlong investigation by the Cache County Sheriff's Office. The rape allegedly occurred on Dec. 14, 1996.Deputy Joe Yonk says that in a January 1997 interview, the woman told him she was with a female friend of hers when she met Erazo and a friend of his, known as Cecil, at a gas station in Wellsville. The two men asked to go to the female friend's house.

While there, the victim told police that when she went into the bedroom, Cecil grabbed her friend, flipped off the lights, left the room and closed the door.

Yonk reported that Erazo then forced her to have sex.

Erazo has been released from the Cache County Jail on $55,000 bail, and a preliminary hearing was held Jan. 7.

Police are also looking for the man named Cecil and others related to this case.