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SRINAGAR - Two separatist guerrillas and two women were killed in a gunbattle between Indian paramilitary forces and separatist guerrillas, police said.

NEW DELHI - Two gunmen assassinated a parliamentary candidate in the remote northeastern state of Assam, where separatist rebels have vowed to stop voting during the upcoming general election.


KINSHASA - President Clinton's envoy Jesse Jackson said President Laurent Kabila had declined to meet him during his two-day visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


BUJUMBURA - Burundi rebels killed at least 20 civilians during an attack on a camp for displaced people in the central African country, an army spokesman said.

Papua New Guinea

PORT MORESBY - Five women suspected of being witches were hacked to death or strangled by angry villagers in the remote highlands region of Papua New Guinea, police said.


MEXICO CITY - A Mexican woman taking hormone fertility treatments has become pregnant with up to nine fetuses, media reports said.


HANOI - Hanoi dismissed blunt warnings from three prominent liberals that its ruling Communist Party was at risk of collapse, and described their comments as normal.


CANBERRA - Australia granted Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan a visa but warned that he faces deportation if he offends any segment of Australian society.


LONDON - People who deliberately pass on the AIDS virus or other life-threatening illnesses could be given life jail sentences under proposals unveiled by the British government.


JERUSALEM - An ultra-Orthodox Jew was stabbed to death in a Palestinian area of Jerusalem, in an assault police blamed on Palestinian militants.


NICOSIA - A teenage soldier who fondled lions during an illicit late night visit to a zoo with his girlfriend was being treated for bite wounds in a hospital Wednesday.


BRASILIA - Brazil's Senate approved a bill that defines money laundering as a crime in a bid to stem the flow of cash from organized crime and corruption through the country's financial system.


BOGOTA - Colombia's best-known prisoner, drug lord Gilberto Rodriquez Orejuela, has finally earned a high school diploma, authorities said.


BEIJING - The most senior Tibetan religious leader to cooperate with China's rule in Tibet sharply attacked Beijing in 1962 for mass jailings, starvation and efforts to wipe out Buddhism in the pious Himalayan region, according to a secret document published Thursday.


LA PAZ - A mudslide killed at least 40 people at a Bolivian gold mine after torrential rains, the government said.


ZAGREB - Lawyers representing a journalist, who was sued for libel by the entire Croatian government, on Wednesday demanded that the judge be dismissed for bias and breaching legal procedure.