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Family rescued in Provo after smoke fills home

Unaware because of a disabled smoke detector that their home was filled with smoke, a family escaped injury Tuesday morning when firefighters awoke the occupants and led them to safety.

Firefighters responded to a smoke sighting at an apartment at 375 N. 1020 East at 5:06 a.m. The smoke was caused by a pan warming a baby bottle that was left on the stove.Fire officials say the detector failed to sound because the battery had been removed.

On Saturday, eight people avoided injury when a wood box was ignited by a fireplace. The smoke detector in that home had also been disabled.

"This is a very disturbing trend," said Lynn Schofield, the "Learn Not to Burn" coordinator for the Provo Fire Department. "Statistics show that there are now more homes with disabled and nonfunctional smoke detectors than homes with no smoke detectors at all."

Fire department officials are requesting that all residents check their smoke detectors. "We've averted disaster twice. We are obviously very concerned for the next one."