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Utah woman arraigned in death of baby at home

Heidi L. Sonnenberg was arraigned Wednesday before 3rd District Judge William Barrett on felony charges of child-abuse homicide.

According to charges, Sonnenberg, 22, gave birth to a baby girl Jan. 14 over the toilet in her Cottonwood Heights home while unattended.She was never arrested but surrendered at Wednesday's hearing and was taken to the Salt Lake County Jail to be booked. She was not expected to stay in jail.

Sonnenberg's mother, who declined to state her name, also appeared at court Wednesday. When asked how the family is holding up, she said, "It's difficult."

Her daughter is very scared, she said.

Charges state Sonnenberg cut the baby's umbilical cord with nail clippers but did not clamp or tie the cord. Prosecutors say the baby breathed spontaneously but died shortly thereafter.

Sonnenberg will appear before Judge L.A. Dever Feb. 24 at 9 a.m.