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Measures that were introduced or passed in the House, Senate

These bills were introduced or passed by the Utah House and Senate this week.

House billsHB152 (Allen) - Adds estheticians to the cosmetology licensing boards and provides regulations for esthetics.

HB156 (Fox-Finlinson) - Allows certain executives of governor's office to be excluded from state retirement system.

HB320 (Bourdeaux) - Provides for student-attendance tracking at public and private elementary and secondary schools.

HB356 (Hickman) - Requires $100,000 minimum in trust fund for newly created endowment-care cemeteries.

HB359 (Ure) - Specifies limits to retention proceeds withheld in construction projects.

Senate bills

SB51 (McAllister) - Establishes a critical land revolving loan fund.

SB58 (Stephenson) - Requires interim committee to draft legislation to implement constitutional change in property tax assessment.

SB61 (Mayne) - Eliminates licensure exemptions for trades including coal mining, excavation and hauling.

SB66 (Mayne) - Requires companies that contract with state to provide health insurance for workers.

SB70 (Mansell) - Requires identifying information statement attached to judgment lien on real property.

SB143 (Mantes) - Repeals certain construction standards for recreational vehicles.

SB153 (Dmitrich) - Sets up category of assisted living facility.

SB162 (Poulton) - Clarifies county clerk responsibilities in elections.

SB172 (Waddoups) - Appropriates $800,000 for adult apprenticeship-related instruction programs at state colleges and universities.

SB199 (Peterson) - Appropriates $100,000 for development of film and video on arts, technology and education.

SB205 (Myrin) - Defines residential area for building permit exemptions.

House bills passed

HB205 (Beck) - Requires insurance policies to cover dietary products for metabolic disease.

HB213 (B. Evans) - Expands the membership of the state Native American Coordinating Board.

HB214 (Tanner) - Allows vehicle identification numbers to be displayed in certain windows.

HB221 (Wright) - Reauthorizes the Underground Storage Tank Act.

HCR1 (Bigelow) - Supports resources for affordable housing.

HCR2 (Olsen) - Urges schools and government to consider how their actions affect families.

Senate bills passed

SB101 (McAllister) - Reclassifies the state's Centennial Highway Trust Fund as a special revenue fund.