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Orem man's screensavers let computer users bask in beauty

Bill Reynolds has created the ideal gift for those who want to keep a touch of beauty in their workday via the computer screen.

The screensaver and wallpaper compact discs he's created as a product for his company, Softstuff, are images of scenic Utah, Yellowstone National Park, LDS temples, dazzling classic sports cars, out-of-control skiers; all things of natural beauty.The scenes are photographed by some of the area's outstanding camera artists, fit to the computer screen and marketed for about $15 for 33 images.

A former WordPerfect/Corel and Novell marketing employee, Reynolds believes once the world sees them, they'll be bought up as quickly as he can produce them.

"We've been doing our own distribution, but we've just started working with a large postcard company who's interested in sending us their images and putting them into tourist sites around the nation. We're excited about that prospect," said Reynolds, who operates Softstuff with a handful of employees out of his Orem home.

"We have to create a groundswell of interest and then it'll become much easier to interest the bigger chains."

That seems to be happening for Softstuff.

The 16 image collections have been repackaged from bulky boxes into CD jewel cases and shrunk in price from $25 to $15 each while the number of images included went from 22 to 33.

Images captured by Floyd Holdman and his son Willie are used for most of the temple pictures and the scenic Utah shots. Another local photographer, Michael Coleman of Provo, took the photographs of the wildlife featured in a CD full of elk, lions and elephants on screen.

Nimbus in Provo then manufactures the CDs.

"We go through a lot of photographs when we're choosing those for a collection," Reynolds said. "I'm very picky. We want to be and stay conservative, high-end, high quality."

Great care is taken to see that the artwork is something one can look at again and again, Reynolds said.

He's currently looking for photographs of foreign LDS temples so he can eventually put out a complete temple collection.

He's also planning to expand into more national interest products like the sports car series. Eventually he'd like to produce screensaver collections for every place people want to remember visiting.

Softstuff screen savers can be ordered by calling Reynolds at 1-888-763-0775 or by visiting the company website at (