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Senate kills bids to create 2 license plate decals

The Senate Tuesday defeated two measures creating new license plate decals, and two similar bills also may be doomed.

On identical 16-9 votes, the Senate killed SB24, authorizing a special decal for snowmobilers, and SB97, giving snowboard enthusiasts their own plate decal.The state already has about 30 license plate variations, including special-commission plates and more than two dozen decals. Some senators believe that's plenty.

Sen. Nathan Tanner, R-Ogden, argued against the bills because of the precedent they might set. Under the guidance of "some persuasive legal mind," he warned, Utah plates could be adorned by some rather offensive symbols.

Two more license plate bills, one honoring soil conservation and another featuring an "Invest in Children" logo, could come up for debate as soon as Wednesday.