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Frank Sinatra may have cancer, newspaper says

Frank Sinatra remained hospitalized Wednesday for "non-emergency" tests as a newspaper reported that blood in his urine may indicate bladder cancer.

The 82-year-old singer was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center early Tuesday, nearly 13 months after he suffered a heart attack. He also spent a night there for a check-up 2 1/2 weeks ago, on Jan. 24.Nothing seriously wrong, Sinatra spokeswoman Susan Reynolds said Tuesday.

"It's a non-emergency. He's fine," added hospital spokeswoman Charlie Lahaie.

The New York Post, quoting unidentified sources, reported Wednesday that Sinatra had blood in his urine and the symptoms might be consistent with the spread of bladder cancer.

"He wouldn't be in the hospital if it wasn't serious," an unidentified friend told the Post.

A source familiar with Sinatra's health told The Associated Press early Wednesday that his medical problem was not related to heart problems.

Rumors have circulated about Sinatra's health for months. A year ago, he visited the hospital three times in the space of two months.