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Church omits temptation in prayer

The Church of England has eliminated temptation - or at least, the reference to it in the Lord's Prayer.

Senior clerics voted this week to delete the words "Lead us not into temptation" and substitute "Save us from the time of trial" in a modern version of the prayer to be introduced in church services in the new millennium.The change was voted in on Wednesday by the church's general synod, or council - which also heard a warning from the Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, not to pursue "modernity for the sake of it."

Church spokesman Steve Jenkins said he didn't see a contradiction.

"(Carey) was warning about excessive modernization, for modernization's sake. (Changing the prayer) isn't," Jenkins said.

Jenkins cautioned that the prayer change is still not final because it must go to a revision committee and then be approved again by the general synod, possibly later this year.

Congregations will still have a choice of whether to use the traditional version of the prayer or the modern one, he said.