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Marble tomb for dead cyberpets?

A marble mausoleum that once contained the embalmed corpse of Bulgaria's first communist leader, Georgi Dimitrov, might become a resting place for Tamagotchi electronic toys, the daily newspaper 24 Hours said on Thursday.

"Architects have estimated the tomb could house some 4.5 million Tamagotchis," the paper said.The structure has been empty since 1990 when the remains of Dimitrov, founder of Bulgarian communism and its first communist prime minister, were removed and cremated after the demise of the communist state.

The Sofia city council has still not found a permanent use for the now closed neo-classic building. Council officials said on Thursday they were open to suggestions for the building, adding that nothing had been decided.

The paper said at least one Tamagotchi found peace in the mausoleum's garden when five-year old Ivan Tzekov buried his Japanese-designed cyberpet there after wrapping it in ivy leaves "to keep it warm" in sub-zero temperatures.