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Twin girls, 10, take out an ad in paper seeking new family

British twins whose mother is dying of cancer are advertising for a new family but insist that "sad gits" consumed by pity need not apply.

The 10-year-olds have placed an advertisement in their local newspaper, seeking someone to "make us laugh and be happy at a sad time." Applicants must be sporty, love dogs and pass a tough interview panel of the twins and their dying mother."Kids and dog for hire. Life term contract. Sad gits (losers) need not apply," reads the ad in the Oxford Mail paper.

Lauren and Ashton Mills made their appeal in the "Situations Vacant" column of Wednesday's Mail with the full approval of their mother, 43-year-old Tobi. A single mother, Tobi has been given three months to live after being diagnosed with breast cancer that later spread to her liver.

By Thursday, thousands of potential foster families had responded to the twins' plea for new parents, which was taken up by Britain's best-selling Sun newspaper.

"The response is in the thousands and Tobi is just delighted," said Caroline Jones, a spokeswoman for Oxford Social Services.

Tobi, who is in a hospital undergoing chemotherapy, told The Sun there was no time left for self-pity.

"We have come to terms with what is going to happen and we are an upfront family who have to face the future. Lauren and Ashton are good kids and I want to find the right person or couple to take them on," she said.