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400 lbs. of pot seized, 4 arrested in S.L. County

Acting on tips from an informant and from surveillance work, Salt Lake County detectives made a major drug bust this week, arresting four people and seizing some 400 pounds of marijuana since Tuesday.

"This would be worth between three-quarters of a million to a million dollars," said Salt Lake County detective Craig Watson, who added that this type of arrest doesn't happen every day. "I wish it did."The names of the four individuals arrested have not yet been released by police. Two men were arrested Tuesday night and the others Wednesday morning, Watson said.

Police have been watching the suspects and piecing together information that led to the arrests for almost a year, he said.

Arrests were made at a residence in the unincorporated area of the county at 7050 South and 3000 East; in Midvale at Motel 6, 496 N. Catalpa St. (250 East); and at a Murray residence in the 4800 block of Box Elder Street, Watson said.