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U.S. Olympic glass is half full, half empty

Five of the 16 days of Olympic competition are complete and and 22 of 68 total 1998 Winter Games events are in the books, with another half-dozen multi-day competitions well under way.

And how is Team USA faring? It all depends on your perspective.The United States has four medals to date - two gold and two bronze. The Americans would seem to be on pace to match its record 13 total medals collected four years ago in Lillehammer, Norway, with two-thirds of the Nagano Games still to go. Still to come are likely multiple medals in ice hockey and figure skating as well as possibilities in skiing, aerials, bobsled and luge.

However, the United States may have missed some prime opportunities in events already contested. Americans were expected to collect more than the sole medal in freestyle moguls as well as several more in the snowboarding giant slalom.

The early surprises: Picabo Street's gold in the Super G and record-setting performances by Americans in speed skating.

Listed below are updates and complete results for U.S. athletes through the first five days of the Olympics:


The latest: Downhiller Picabo Street struck unexpected gold in the women's Super G Wednesday in one of just two alpine races completed, with the men's downhill and combined downhill rescheduled twice already. Matt Grosjean was third after Tuesday's first run of the men's combined slalom, but he hooked a gate in the second run and did not finish.

Summary: Women's Super G (Wednesday) - Picabo Street, gold medal; Katie Monahan, 29th; Jonna Mendes, 32nd; Kirsten Clark, DNF. Men's combined slalom (Tuesday) - Matt Grosjean, 3rd after first run, DNF 2nd run; Tommy Moe, DNS 1st run; Chad Fleisher, DNF 1st run; Jason Rosener, DNF 1st run.


The latest: In one of America's most medal-heavy disciplines in history, the United States is without a long-track medal so far. However, national and Olympic records have fallen as the youthful Americans use Nagano as a stepping stone for Salt Lake City in 2002. Casey FitzRandolph briefly held the Olympic record in the men's 1,000 meters; Jennifer Rodriguez did the same in the women's 3,000; and KC Boutiette also briefly held an Olympic mark in the men's 1,500 while posting a new national mark in the men's 5,000. Medals may come quite easy in four years, and these are among the names to remember.

Summary: Men's 1,500-meter (Thursday) - KC Boutiette, 5th; Casey FitzRandolph, 31st; Cory Carpenter, 32nd; David Tamburrino, 35th. Women's 3,000-meter (Wednesday) - Rodriguez, 4th; Kirstin Holum, 6th; Catherine Raney, 22nd. Men's 500-meters (Monday and Tuesday) - Fitz-Ran-dolph, 6th (3rd after 1st day); Marc Pelchat, 23rd (32nd after 1st day); David Cruikshank, 25th (21st after 1st day); Carpenter, 36th (39th after 1st day). Men's 5,000-meter (Sunday) - Boutiette, 14th; Tamburrino, 16th.


The latest: Jonny Moseley gave the United States its first 1998 Olympic medal - a gold, no less - in the men's moguls Wednesday. The U.S. women were expected to at least equal it, if not double it, in the women's finals, but former Olympic medalists Liz McIntyre and Donna Weinbrecht couldn't make the podium despite being among the top four after Sunday's eliminations.

Summary: Men's moguls finals (Wednesday) - Jonny Moseley, gold medal; Alex Wilson, 10th. Women's moguls finals (Wednesday) - Donna Weinbrecht, 4th; Liz McIntyre, 8th; Ann Battelle, 10th. Men's moguls eliminations (Sunday) - Moseley, 1st; Wilson, 10th; Jim Moran, 23rd; Evan Dybvig, 31st. Women's moguls eliminations (Sunday) - Weinbrecht, 1st (tie); McIntyre, 4th; Battelle 16th.


The lastest: Only the pairs have been completed, and the young tandem of Kyoko Ina and Jason Dungjen fell one spot out of the medals. Any thing less than three medals - Todd Eldredge in the men's singles and Michelle Kwan and Tara Lipinski in the women's - will be disappointing. The trio are expected to at least garner a gold and two silvers.

The men's singles started Thursday night with the short program.

Summary: Pairs, after free skating (Tuesday) - Kyoko Ina and Jason Dungjen, 4th; Jenni Meno and Todd Sand, 8th. Pairs, after the short program (Sunday) - Ina/Dungjen, 4th; Meno/Sand, 6th.


The latest: The United States and Canada are the cream of the women's crop. Both are undefeated and headed toward a gold-medal preview game Saturday night. The men's NHL-laden teams begin play Friday.

Summary: Women - The U.S. defeated Japan 10-0 Thursday; defeated Finland 4-2 Wednesday; defeated Sweden 7-1 Monday; and defeated China 5-0 Sunday.


The latest: In a debut Olympic sport in which the United States could have easily walked away with as many as a half-dozen medals, the Americans managed just two - a pair of bronze in Thursday's halfpipe, thanks to Shannon Dunn and Ross Powers. Dunn actually held the lead after the first of two final women's runs Thursday, while Powers was ranked second going into the men's finals.

In the giant slalom events earlier in the week, the U.S. women all tumbled on the opening run, and neither medal-favorite Mike Jacoby or Chris Klug could put together strong back-to-back runs.

Summary: Women's halfpipe qualifying (Thursday) - Cara Beth Burnside, 2nd; Shannon Dunn, 6th; Barrett Christy, 14th; Michelle Taggart, 19th. Men's halfpipe qualifying (Thursday) - Ross Powers, 2nd; Todd Richards, 11th, Ron Chiodi, 25th. Women's halfpipe finals (Thursday) - Dunn, bronze medal; Burnside, 4th. Men's halfpipe finals (Thursday) - Powers, bronze medal; Richards, 16th.

Women's giant slalom (Tuesday) - Sondra Van Ert, 16th after 1st run, 12th after 2nd run; Rosey Fletcher, DNF; Lisa Kosglow, DNF; Betsy Shaw, DSQ. Men's giant slalom (Sunday): Chris Klug, 2nd after 1st run, 6th after 2nd run; Mike Jacoby, 22nd after 1st run, 17th after 2nd run; Adam Hostetler, DSQ on 1st run.


The latest: The American futility continues in luge, a sport in which the United States has never medaled. Wendell Suckow was thought to have a shot in the men's singles, but he finished a solid sixth. He celebrated with a marriage proposal to his girlfriend after his final race. Meanwhile, all three American women placed among the top eight in singles.

That luge medal drought is likely to end with the upcoming men's doubles.

Summary: Women's singles (Tuesday and Wednesday) - Erin Warren, 6th (6th after first day); Cammy Myler, 7th (8th after first day); Bethany Calcaterra-McMahon, 8th (7th after first day). Men's singles (Sunday and Monday) - Wendell Suckow, 6th (6th after first day); Adam Heidt, 9th (11th after first day); Larry Dolan, 13th (14th after first day).


The lastest: Cross country has never been an American strong suit, and the United States has broken the top 40 just once, with University of Utah student Justin Wadsworth finishing 37th in the men's 30-kilometer classical event Monday.

Summary: Men's 10K classical (Thursday) - John Bauer 41st, Patrick Weaver, 43rd; Wadsworth, 47th; Marcus Nash, 78th. Women's 10K freestyle/pursuit (Thursday) - Kerrin Petty, 52nd; Laura Wilson, 57th; Nina Kemppel DNS; Laura McCabe, DNF. Women's 5K classical (Tuesday) - Petty, 51st; Wilson, 65th; Kemppel, 67th; McCabe, 75th. Men's 30K classical (Monday) - Wadsworth, 37th; Bauer, 47th; Nash, 49th; Weaver, DNF. Women's 15K classical (Sunday) - Suzanne King, 48th; Kemppel, 52nd; Wilson, 53rd.


The latest: Only the normal 90-meter hill has been contested so far, and a young U.S. squad couldn't break anyone out of the qualifying round. The Americans are seen as cutting their teeth on Olympic competition in preparation for 2002.

Summary: Men's normal 90-meter hill (Wednesday) - Alan Alborn, 42nd, Casey Colby, 42nd; Randy Weber, 49th, Brendan Doran, 52nd.


The latest: The Americans remain well back in the pack.

Summary: Men's 20-kilometer (Wednesday) - Jay Hakkinen, 42nd; Robert Rosser, 69th. Women's 15-kilometer (Monday) - Stacey Wooley, 55th; Kara Salmela, 56th; Ntala Skinner, 61st.


The latest: The American men still have a chance to make the medal round, while the U.S. women have been officially eliminated. Both were considered longshot medalists as curling made its official Olympic debut.

Key: DNF =did not finish; DSQ =disqualified; DNS =did not start.