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Ostertag out for 3-6 weeks

Jazz center Greg Ostertag's left leg has been sore for several days and Thursday morning he found out why. X-Rays revealed he has a stress fracture in his left fibula. He will be out of action three to six weeks.

Ostertag, who returned to the Jazz' starting lineup 17 games ago, is expected to be replaced by Greg Foster in tonight's game against the Boston Celtics. Ostertag's absence also means more playing time for veteran Antoine Carr.

Ostertag is averaging 5.2 points, 6.4 rebounds and a team-high 2.3 blocked shots per game. He had 12 rebounds Tuesday night in the Jazz 106-98 victory over the Clippers.

Ostertag will likely go on the injured list, which will allow the Jazz to sign a temporary replacement to fill out the 12-man roster. At press time, however, no move had yet been made.