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Bike trail to link 2 towns in Sanpete

Bicyclists soon will be able to ride from Mt. Pleasant to Ephraim without having to spend much time on busy U.S. 89, thanks to a trail planned by the Sanpete County Heritage Council.

Work is scheduled to begin this spring on a 15.7-mile bicycle trail that will wind its way from Mt. Pleasant's Rio Grande Railroad Depot through Spring City and to the old pioneer cemetery in Ephraim. Signs will be posted along the way that tell riders about each city's attractions and heritage."We see so many bicyclists down here, especially during the summer.

"Many of them are riding along Highway 89, and it can be very busy," says Susie Nilsson, a member of the Sanpete County Heritage Council. "We thought the bike trail and signs would be a good interpretation tool to use to tell the story of the valley and make biking in the area safer."