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Alpine shifts boundaries of 2 elementaries

Some American Fork elementary school students will face various changes during the upcoming school year.

New teachers, classes and a new school.To ease crowding, the board of education of the Alpine School District voted unanimously Tuesday to realign the boundaries of Shelley Elementary School to send 238 students to nearby Legacy Elementary School.

Shelley's current enrollment is 1,049, about 200 students more than the building's capacity. Including the transplanted students, Legacy's enrollment will hit 800 next year.

The action officially establishes 1120 North as the boundary for the two schools between the Alpine Highway and 6800 West. The vote followed a study by a committee of parents and teachers and several public meetings.

"This is a win-win situation for both schools," said Dennis Duffy, who supervises elementary education for the district. "Shelley is overcrowded while Legacy has several available classrooms. The decision also places the schools in a good position to handle future growth. This process demonstrates how a district committee gathering information, and patrons openly sharing ideas and concerns, may work together for the good of our children."