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Law firm of top Demo fund-raiser fined for taking foreigner's money

While Democratic fund-raising practices in the 1996 election remain under scrutiny, the Federal Election Commission found the party solicited donations from foreigners at least three years earlier.

The FEC fined the law firm of major Democratic fund-raiser Marvin Rosen $77,000 for seeking contributions from a German developer, Thomas Kramer.And the agency's general counsel found "reason to believe" that another top Democratic fund-raiser, Miami business executive Howard Glicken, knowingly sought additional contributions from Kramer, who, as a foreign national, could not legally contribute to U.S. campaigns.

Kramer's contributions were made in 1993 and 1994, before the current Justice Department and congressional probes into foreign donations to President Clinton's 1996 re-election. Rosen was DNC finance chairman during the Clinton campaign.

Rosen's law firm - Greenberg, Traurig, Hoffman, Lipoff, Rosen & Quentel - was fined for soliciting $91,000 in campaign contributions from Kramer, who was being represented by the firm on immigration matters.

The FEC last year fined Kramer a record $323,000 for making $418,600 in illegal campaign contributions to federal, state and local political parties and candidates in 1993 and 1994.