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Uintah agency gets `clean' audit

After struggling for the past few years to clear up financial chaos, the Uintah Basin Association of Governments enjoyed its second "clean" and timely audit for the second year in a row.

Rod Aycock, CPA with the accounting firm of Seeley, Aycock and Hales, recently told the UBAOG Board of Directors that the audit of the government agency's books from July 1, 1996, through June 30, 1997, shows that "the problems of the past" have been corrected.The agency had suffered from a lack of financial records and allegations of misuse of public funds and was entirely reorganized in mid-1994. It took close to two years to complete the audit for that year, and at one point state agencies threatened to pull funding for some programs administered by UBAOG.

Auditor Mike Miles said the fiscal year 1997 audit received "a clean opinion . . . we didn't find any problems with the statements and books kept by the association."

There was one "finding" in the audit that has already been corrected, according to Aycock. It involved the lack of checks and balances created by having the UBAOG accountant oversee the Revolving Loan Fund as well as bank reconciliation statements for that fund. In addition, the bank reconciliation statements were also not being done "in a timely manner."

"It is kind of an independent problem, the accountant is totally over that program, but I understand they have taken steps to correct that and we don't expect to see it again," Aycock said.

"The audit was in pretty good shape, in fact it was better than most governmental audits."

Aycock attributed the turn around to the hiring of a controller by UBAOG to oversee finances and "tightened internal control systems which call for better oversight of all departments."

UBAOG is responsible for administering approximately $3 million in state and federal funds earmarked for projects such as housing rehabilitation, aging programs and economic development.