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Sanpete landscape may end up in historic register

Sanpete County soon may be the only county in Utah to have its landscape on a national historic register.

Utah State University Professor Michael Timmons, in cooperation with the Sanpete County Heritage Council, is completing a survey of Sanpete County's landscape. He is determining whether it qualifies for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.While many Utah counties have historic districts that include homes and buildings, none has had its landscape deemed a historic area.

Sanpete County may achieve that status because its landscape has changed little since the county's first settlers arrived, despite strides in agricultural development, Timmons says. "The overall visual scene is not all that different from a time much earlier in the century," he says. Timmons, a professor of landscape architecture and environmental planning, says much of the county's landscape still follows the pattern visualized by Brigham Young - villages interspersed with agricultural greenbelts.