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ZEVEX Inc. receives 4 patents on EnteraLite feeding pump

ZEVEX International Inc., 4314 ZEVEX Park Lane, a company that makes a variety of medical devices for other medical technology companies and devices using its own technology, has received four patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

David McNally, the company's vice president and marketing director, said the patents are for proprietary technology on the Entera-Lite ambulatory enteral feeding pump.The first patent is for the apparatus and method of monitoring viscosity occlusions in the feeding pump delivery set. The next two are for pinch clips that protect the patients from over-infusion of nutritional solutions, and the fourth is for a clamp that allows the pump to be attached to a pole, bed rail, infant stroller or wheelchair.

This brings to six the number of patents the company has received on the pump, McNally said.

The company also has received the EN 46001 certification from the National Standards Association of Ireland that goes beyond ISO 9001 requirements and allows a company to do its own European testing and marketing. The CE designation will be required to sell medical devices in the European Common Market effective June 14, 1998.