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Death: A Tribute to Our Beloved Father, Darrell Woodruff Jensen - 06/17/1928 - 02/07/1998

From where you came from who can say, But Bill and Lucille came to praise you today... As your life began and you to grow; "Son you be a man cause I have to go." And that is when your character (one of them) opened the door. A golfer, a fisherman, silver tongued Squire, they could not explain that wild streak born inside you, Your dreams were always a burning desire... And a nicer fella you would never meet unless, of course, you run into yourself on the street! That's possible you know cause you surely can't beat a Gemini

Father, oh what a treat! With heavy hearts, crocodile tears too, temporarily we must bid you ado. For as long as we're here, you will always be too. Get some rest, no more pain, we miss you, but your strength is afire, your invisible Aura, will carry us thru these trials, with integrity and style, for we know you'll be there with us every step, every mile... We surely will miss that mischievous smile. Rest in peace, Sweet Man, for we will always hear your Stern silent voice always calling us near. Flaming Gorge, here we come, we promise you, Dear.We love you forever...DARRELL, "Tube" D. J. DAD, Papa Bear, Gomer too, oh great-grandpa and grandpa, You'll never know how much you taught us Too!

Survived by mother of Darrell's 4 children, Coleen Gambee Jensen, Murray, UT; Daughters, Pamela (David) Cavazos, Debra J. DeMattia, Kristi (John) Palsgraaf, all Salt Lake City, UT; son, Jeffrey D. Jensen, Oaklund, CA; his precious Minnie (Ernest) Ferguson, Salt Lake City, UT; her son, Robert L. Gambee, Phoenix, Ariz; Carolyn (Melvin) Jensen; and niece Janone, Salina, UT; Carole Jensen, Grisham, CA; two granddaughters, Kimberli and Tisha; three grandsons, Michael, Bretton and Joshua; his precious little great-grandson Alaric. Preceded in death by parents, William and Lucille Cranny Jensen; older brother, Claude; younger brother, Melvin; and our sweet cousin, Paul.

Memorial Service Saturday 12 p.m. at Salt Lake Mausoleum and Memorial Park.

In lieu of flowers the family suggests contributions be sent to V.A. Medical Center, 500 Foothill Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 84108.

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