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Where are the feminists?

During this whole Clinton scandal, there has been a glaring absence that also occurred when Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones were telling their stories.

Where are the outraged feminists? Where are NOW and NAG?They were there to condemn Bob Packwood till he was drummed out of office (and for acts not nearly as sordid as Bill Clinton's).

They were there for Anita Hill as she attempted to demonize one of the finest men to sit on the Supreme Court. Disgusting.

I think their absence is very telling of their real purpose and agenda. It's not about women's rights in general, it's about elitist leftist women's rights.

Just look at who they choose to defend and how they defend them against whom. Also look at who they will not defend and against whom.

And now Monica Lewisky gets the silent treatment from the feminists.

Granted, these women have some serious, obvious moral problems (except Paula, who did not partake), but what does that say about the very man they all had in common and his selectively silent friends, the feminists?

Betsy Rogers

Salt Lake City