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Grand jury grill sheer torture, Ginsburg says

Angered at Whitewater prosecutors for harsh questioning of her mother, Monica Lewinsky returned to Washington as her lawyer declared the family had been badly treated by investigators.

"I wonder if they have tortured" Marcia Lewis "and Ms. Lewinsky quite enough yet. We'll see what happens next here," attorney William Ginsburg said Thursday night.Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth Starr, who is investigating President Clinton's alleged affair with Lewinsky and a possible cover-up, turned his attention to the Secret Service, where there is resistance to testifying about the man they are sworn to protect.

The lawyer for one retired Secret Service uniformed officer said Thursday his client did not see Clinton alone with Lewinsky. Under subpoena, Lewis Fox appeared at the U.S. courthouse the day after The Washington Post reported he said he saw Clinton alone with Lewinsky in October, November or December 1995.

"That's not his recollection," attorney Mike Leibig said.

The uniformed officer "saw them together," but "he could not tell whether they were alone or not," said Leibig. "He knows they were in the Oval Office, but he does not know whether there were other people in the room."

Attorney General Janet Reno said the Justice Department is reviewing the question of whether the government should oppose subpoenas for members of the Secret Service - whose testimony could be important in determining any relationship between the president and Lewinsky.

The president has denied that the relationship was sexual.

Leibig, who represents a 500-member association of uniformed Secret Service officers, says it is inappropriate to compel any testimony that makes it difficult to protect the first family.

Reno has promised prosecutors complete independence in their inquiry into the Lewinsky matter, which could complicate any Justice Department decision about fighting Secret Service subpoenas.

"We're trying to review all of the issues; obvious among them is the security and the safety of the president," Reno said.

Further grand jury testimony by Lewinsky's mother was put off Thursday after she was so shaken by two days of questioning that she required medical attention. Negotiations to broker a deal under which Lewinsky herself would testify about her relationship with Clinton remained at a stalemate.