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BYU renames building after $1 million gift from Romney family

Brigham Young University's Institute of Public Management has been renamed the George W. Romney Institute of Public Management, following a substantial gift from the Romney family to BYU.

"I am certain that my father would be pleased to have his name associated with BYU's fine Institute of Public Management," said W. Mitt Romney, son of the former Michigan governor. "The Romney family is delighted to assist with the institute's educational mission to prepare bright, new leaders for public service."With this gift, the Romney Institute, which is housed in the Marriott School of Management, will increase BYU's emphasis on public service and not-for-profit management.

On Feb. 6, W. Mitt Romney presented the school with $1 million toward a $3 million endowment designed to help fund the 30-year-old institute. Other family members and friends, including Lenore Romney, widow of George Romney, will contribute another $1 million.