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Scandals speak ill of U.S.

As a local college student watching the current White House scandal, I have to wonder about the future of the country. What will this nation be like when my generation is in office?

I say current scandal because it is hardly the first in the long string of scandals since Bill Clinton took office in 1992. How long is the nation going to swallow such rhetoric before it becomes passe? The American public seems almost to sweep these issues under the rug, and the president himself seems to treat them like political blemishes, that if ignored long enough will fade back into business as usual. No wonder he has such a radiant political complexion.My fear is that as society ignores the moral issues at hand, the public apathy will quietly condone immoral conduct in the future. The effects will span not only through the various political hubs of the nation, but silently reach into everyday American behavior. Unconscious opinions of acceptable private practices are gradually changing as a sort of tolerance is built up.

It is a fact that correct individual moral behavior creates a more healthy society. Regardless of the outcome of this particular incident, what example has Clinton's administration set for the youths of the country today who will be leading it tomorrow?

Cambria Dawn Schulthies

Salt Lake City