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A Valentine's evening of elegance at Capitol

Valentine's Day will be an occasion of grace and refinement at the annual "Vienna Ball" sponsored by the Salt Lake Symphony in the marbled spaces of the Capitol rotunda.

The format for the dressy dance includes dinner music and traditional waltzes, polkas, marches and other dance music played by the symphony.Dance sets by the orchestra will be interspersed with music from the Salt Lake Symphony Quintet playing popular dance music.

The Utah Dance Sport Company will perform ballroom dance floor shows at intervals throughout the evening, and diners will feast upon a German dinner replete with rouladen, spaetzle, strudel and other favorites, catered by Siegfried's Delicatessen.

Conducting the orchestra will be James Michael Caswell, who says that the "Vienna Ball" is "the most elegant thing I've seen in the Salt Lake area."

He also says the event requires "a tremendous amount of work" but that it has become a very successful fund raiser for the Salt Lake Symphony.

The ball will begin at 8 p.m. with a grand march followed by the grand waltz danced by the Utah Sport Company. Music of Haydn and Mozart will accompany the dinner.

Caswell indicates that Strauss waltzes and polkas won't be the orchestra's only offerings. Dancers can also look forward to pieces like "Edelweiss" and "Bugler's Holiday" - "which is actually a polka!" proclaimed Caswell.