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W.V. students to `chat' with Japan officials

It will be the "chat room" a group of fourth-graders from Carl Sandburg Elementary School never forgets.

A computer communication system will link the students with Nagano, Japan, for a chat with Assistant City Manager Wayne Pyle and management information systems director Kay Sadler.Two cybersites will be set up at City Hall Tuesday at 2 p.m., said city communications director Ted Nguyen. On the other end, it will be 6 a.m. Wednesday in Nagano.

Four interactive "chat channels" will allow science teacher Thomas Phipps and 26 students to ask Pyle and Sadler questions about Japan and the 1998 Winter Games.

The two West Valley officials will be in Nagano next week at city expense to observe how the Japanese have prepared their communities for the Winter Olympics.