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2 teens seriously burned by chemicals at Jordan High

Two Jordan High School students were seriously burned by a chemical during a science class Thursday.

Sean O'Brien, 16, and Scott Lewis, 17, were rushed to the University of Utah Burn Center after being splattered with sodium hydroxide during a biology class, said Sandy Police Sgt. Kevin Thacker.O'Brien's mother, Lindsey O'Brien, said her son was trying to move a beaker standing by a computer on a counter near the front of the classroom, thinking the flask was empty. When he set the glass container down, the boy splattered himself with the acid over the chest, right side of the face, right arm and right foot.

Lewis, who was standing nearby, was also splattered on an arm, Lindsey O'Brien said. Apparently, the teacher was near the back of the classroom with other students during the accident.

The two boys ran to the bathroom to wash off the acid, Thacker said. When they returned, they told their teacher what had happened, and the teacher told them to stay in the shower of the bathroom until help arrived.

The boys were treated and released from the University Burn Center Thursday, Lindsey O'Brien said. But her son, who was most seriously injured over the chest, will continue treatment to determine if surgery or skin grafts will be necessary.

Lindsey O'Brien said the school has not given her an explanation of why the chemical had been left unattended in the classroom.