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Police arrest Orem woman in man's drug-related death

An Orem woman was arrested Friday morning in connection with the drug-related death of a man at her mobile home.

Laurie L. Ortiz, 35, was arrested for investigation of negligent homicide, desecration of a corpse and obstructing justice, said police Lt. Karl Hirst.About eight hours earlier, Orem police had found the body of Michael S. Withers, 31, Provo, inside Ortiz's trailer at 441 S. State St. unit 16.

"He was located hidden in a sleeping bag with some items piled on top of him in a back bedroom," Hirst said.

Police said Ortiz and Withers were injecting themselves with heroin inside the trailer early Thursday. When Withers began "having problems" Ortiz tried to keep him conscious by spraying liquid on his face, Hirst said. However, Withers became un-con-scious.

"She panicked and decided to hide the body instead of calling the police," Hirst said.

Ortiz reportedly went to a friend's house and told him what happened to Withers. The friend called police, and Ortiz was arrested at 9:30 a.m., Hirst said.

Ortiz was booked into the Utah County Jail under the name Laurie L. Paskett. Police do not suspect she injected Withers with heroin, Hirst said.